At Dr. Samia Hardan, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!

"I recommend Dr Hardan with every superlative there is. She is thorough and caring, as is the staff. In addition, she saved my life. She was very concerned about my total health, including blood pressure and would not continue with the implant until bp was addressed. While it took my family doctor longer to find the problem, I ended up needing a stent on an emergency basis. Without Dr Hardan's perseverance I could have been in big trouble - and not from a periodontal perspective. She is the consummate professional."

- Gary M.

"5 stars isn't anywhere near enough. Dr Harden is one of the best professionals and human beings I've ever met. To care equally about your profession and your patients is a rare quality that not many possess. The office is clean and calming and the rest of the staff is helpful, kind and considerate. The rapport between her and the staff, and her and her patients, is commendable as well. I highly recommend this practice."

- Jenna F.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Hardan for more than a year. She is an accomplished, caring implant dentist with attention to detail. I wish I had known her before my last dentist. She also works well with my general dentist."

"I am very happy with her work. Her office is nicely appointed, and her staff are very nice as well. I highly recommend her for periodontal and implant services."

- Joyce D.

"I have been seeing Dr. Hardan for two years and I'm very satisfied with her implant and periodontal work. Her professional competence is obvious. She and her staff are extremely supportive and a pleasure to work with. As mentioned by others she works very well with my family dentist to create care plans and follow up sessions. Dr. Hardan and her office manager Shanna are always helpful in working with my insurance plan. "

- Rick L.

"If going to the dentist, or in this case the Periodontist, can be a pleasant experience then Dr. Hardan sets the standard for professionalism and creates a pleasant experience in her practice. Her calm and friendly approach is also reflected in her office coordinator, Shanna who is quick to smile and is always approachable and helpful whether scheduling or handling a billing question. I highly recommend Dr. Hardan for very best in Periodontal care."

- Quincy G.

"Dr. hardan is patient and quite professional. I am only part way with my treatment but will be 'running' back to her soon. "

- James B.

"Dr. Hardan truly cares about her patients. She is an excellent periodontist and she also evaluated my general health and alerted me about my high blood pressure. She did not allow me to neglect the issue and I am glad she insisted that I see my family doctor so that it can be properly managed. She takes the time to really explain a procedure and tries alleviate any anxiety for the patient. I would strongly recommend her to family and friends."

- Jennifer J., 8/3/15

"Dr. Hardan is both knowledgable and personable. I really admire her approach to health care. She always seems to opt for the most natural and least invasive way to produce the most optimal outcomes. It's great to have a doctor who is actually as personable as she is knowledgable. The staff is equally efficient and friendly. I highly recommend her as a periodontist!"

- Kathleen M., 4/24/14

"I would give Dr. Samia Hardan and her staff the highest marks possible for professionalism, knowledge and the quality of Dr. Hardan's work is amazing . I just had a tooth extracted and I didn't feel any pain it is healing perfectly and I'm looking forward to getting the implant. Anyone can feel free to call me if they'd like to speak with me."

- Frank L., 4/24/14

"Dr. Hardan and Lori were so professional and caring. I have honestly never been to a dentist who has been so thorough and patient oriented. I would recommend Dr. Hardan wholeheartedly!"

- Susan D., 4/29/14

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